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Be Good To The Feet That Have Been Good To You!

Journei by Robin LLC

Journei by Robin LLC

A Step of Faith!
Life hasn't always been easy, but by God's Grace, Mercy and Favor, I'm still here. I wasn't supposed to be here, says man, But God, said otherwise. My Journei foot care products were inspired by my own walk from victim to survivor. It is my prayer that my foot soaks and scrubs will provide victims of violence and abusive, an opportunity to take care of the the feet that take care of them!
My Story

My Story

My Journei was designed specifically for me, with a Purpose and a Plan!
My Journei began long before I knew I was on a journey. God had a plan for my life that I had no idea about. He guided me through every phase of my life, protecting me from self-inflicted dangers caused by my own poor decisions, as well as dangers I didn't see coming, inflicted by others. In all situations, He had His eyes and His hands on me, and after years of hurt, abuse, violence and trauma, He revealed His Purpose for my life through the development of my foot care product line. He gave me the strength and the courage to stand and, finally, I walked away! Today, I stand tall, firm and confident as a Survivor!


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